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The car seat footrest is necessary for children who:

Kick the front seat
Sit cross-legged
Put their legs on the armrest
Cry and throw a tantrum

KneeGuardKids is SAFE

KneeGuardKids 4 Sled Test

KneeGuardKids 3 Sled Test

KneeGuardKids passed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.213 ‘Child Restraint System’
by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in USA

Make sure to check before selecting a car seat footrest

Not suitable for a infant

When using a children’s car seat,children’s legs are located higher than the seat of a car.
Therefore, the feet don’t reach a foot plate when using a regular foot plate.

Suitable for a infant

A foot plate of KneeGuard Kids can be used for a baby with short legs as it comes above the seat of a car

Why Car Seat Footrest is Necessary?

Orthopedist Interview

Orthopedic Surgeon Q&A

What is possibly going to happen to the kids who had a long ride on a car seat?

When kids are car seated, their legs get dangled in the air. Then, law of gravity affects on them, pulling the kids' legs as strong as they weigh.

It gets knee joint stressed and if this case repeats over and over, it will bring knee irritation or cause deformation.

Especially, kids are not physically matured , so it will be more stressful compared to adults.

It is a same feeling that in the case of using smart phones for a long time even adults have painful elbow. Kids in the car seat experience that kind of pain as well.

Also with their legs dangled so long, It will have a problems like blood circulation and legs become to numb and have pins and needles.

When we see the kids sleeping, they tend to have crossed legs or rest legs on the armrest. Is there any correlation?

Knee gets stressed because of gravity pulling. If this stress goes on, it develops as an ache. Children realize that they put their legs somewhere, and they reduce stress by their instincts. That is the reason they cross their legs or rest somewhere.

Sometimes we see kids kicking front seat, is it relate with the stress? Fathers, occasionally, gets annoyed and scold.

Under the condition of not being moved you can't have a healthy blood circulation on your legs. Specially, when blood inclined. And it will be much worse in the long ride because blood vessel flowing under thigh gets pressure. Then, kids feel uncomfortable, numb, and they move legs and even kick. By doing it, they tend to reduce the blood vessel pressure, and get healthy blood circulating. It is a natural protective instinct.

Is there any influence on their physical development?

It does not mean that sitting on a car seat influences on their physical development. But it does have an influence if there is an irritation or deformation on knee where growth plates are centered.

It has never been heard that there are leg problems due to using car seat. why is that?

As mentioned before, children protect themselves by crossing their legs or kicking font seats etc. Without these behaviors, they appeal and cry their pain when they are awake after a long ride.

Well seated infants get whining all of sudden. Is it a result of the case, too?

When car seated, the body gradually inclines forward. There is no place to lean on. Especially when you stop suddenly, it feels worse. They cry hard because the pressure of the seat belt hits hard. Here adds psychological pressure, too.

Kids in the growing period! What is the right way to use?

For safe ride, it is certain that we use car seat for kids. It is highly recommended that kids legs need stretching from time to time in order not to have a overtax on legs. It is good to have a foot plate to rest legs on, and then the legs are not influenced from the gravity force. It will lead to your safe and comfortable driving.