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 Why Car Seat Footrest is necessary?


Kids sitting in the Car Seat! Why would they do this?


Kids are sitting crossed legs on the car seat
or putting their feet on the armrest or
the front seat.

It is because the gravity pulls down their legs
as much as their weight.
Kids unconsciously protect their knees and legs
from the gravity by putting their legs somewhere




Kids are kicking the seat back of the front seat.

Dangling legs may cause blood circulation problem
and leg numbness. Kids kicking the seat back
to reduce the knee pain when longer car trip.


Kids are crying and throwing a tantrum.
Kids body get slid towards the front while
the car is running, it may cause the pressure
from the seat belt and kids feel uncomfortable.


It pulls the dangling legs when sitting in a car seat with the same force as the weight of the legs.


Gravity pulling the legs can cause the following problem.
① Continuous stress may cause knee pain and deformation.
② Damage in their knees where the growth plate is densely 
    located may disrupt normal growth.
③ Dangling legs may cause blood circulation problem and 
    legs numbness.
④ Kids body get slid towards the front, it may cause the 
    pressure from the seat belt.
⑤ Their legs do not reach the bottom of vehicle which
    causes them to feel uncomfortable.

The easiest way to solve these problems is the CAR SEAT FOOTREST


The car seat footrest is necessary for children who :
① Kick the front seat
② Sit cross-legged
③ Put their legs on the armrest
④ Cry and throw a tantrum
⑤ Say their legs are hurt

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