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Suitable for all children 6 years and under (Can be also used for 1-2 year old children)


When using a children’s car seat, children’s legs are located higher than the seat of a car.
Therefore, the feet don’t reach a foot plate when using a regular foot plate.
KneeGuard Kids 2 is made by applying a patented technology where a height control bar
comes above the seat of a car, which a baby with short leg suitable to use. (Korean Patent No.10-1399896)


 When using a infant and convertible car seat


 When using junior and booster car seat

 Ages 4 and under


 Ages 5 and more

 Install a foot plate higher than a installing plate


Directions for use

 Install a foot plate lower than a installing plate




Image of use



Compatible with any cat seat


KneeGuard Kids 2’s install plate is located between the floor of the car seat and the seat of a car.
An installing plate is firmly fastened to the car seat by fixing to the ISOFIX (or fixing clips).
It can be used for all car seats except for the below two car seats.






※ Car seats that can’t use KneeGuard Kids 2


 Cannot be used for junior car seats installed with a load leg

 (※ Children’s car seat can be used even a support leg is installed.)

 Cannot be used for car seats with a protruded base

 It cannot be used for car seats installed with a load leg as it interferes
with KneeGuard Kids 2’s height control bar.

 It can be used after a detaching a load leg.


 KneeGuard Kids 2’s height control bar should be stuck to the seat of a car.

 When the base protrudes, it is impossible to stick the height control bar to the seat of a car,
therefore it cannot be used. .

 It can be used after detaching a base.



Height and angle of a foot plate is adjustable


 Its height can be adjusted within a range of 40cm for every 1.5cm



 The angle of the foot plate can be adjusted 150 degrees for every 15 degrees.

 The foot plate can be completely folded.